Webcam Port Roscoff in Brittany: View from Lighthouse, France

About this webcam

Live webcam Port Roscoff in Brittany: View from Lighthouse watch in real time on the site. This webcam is located in the country: France. Official site:

Located on the balcony of the lighthouse, the rotating webcam provides a live view of the Port of Roscoff in Brittany. The port serves as a gateway to the English Channel and the Irish Sea, and is known for its connection to the British Isles. The lighthouse at Roscoff was built in 1859 and still serves as a navigation aid for boats entering the harbor. The town of Roscoff itself is a popular tourist destination, known for its charming streets, restaurants, and markets. Visitors can also explore the exotic Jardin Exotique, a botanical garden featuring plants from all over the world.

To reach the lighthouse, visitors can take a short hike up the hill or drive up the narrow road. The view from the top is worth the effort, offering panoramic vistas of the harbor, town, and surrounding coastline. In summary, the Port of Roscoff and Lighthouse Webcam offers a glimpse into the vibrant maritime town of Roscoff and its famous lighthouse, as well as the surrounding attractions that make it a popular destination for travelers.

<b>Port Roscoff in Brittany: View from Lighthouse</b>