Webcam Ponte delle Guglie Bridge over the Cannaregio Canal, Italy

About this webcam

Live webcam Ponte delle Guglie Bridge over the Cannaregio Canal watch in real time on the site. This webcam is located in the country: Italy. Broadcast is carried out with sound. Official site:

Looking for a stunning view of Venice's iconic architecture without leaving your home? Look no further than the online webcam situated on the Ponte delle Guglie bridge across the Cannaregio Canal. The live stream is located on the Filù Venezia hotel building and provides a breathtaking view of one of Venice's most picturesque bridges. Its name, which translates to "Bridge of Spires," is fitting, as it is adorned with four spires that are said to represent the four evangelists.

But the beauty of Ponte delle Guglie doesn't stop there. Located in the Cannaregio district, this bridge is surrounded by a variety of attractions that are sure to delight tourists. Just a short walk away is the historic Jewish Ghetto, where visitors can explore the centuries-old synagogues and learn about the rich cultural history of the Jewish community in Venice. And if you're looking for some Italian cuisine, the nearby Strada Nova is home to numerous restaurants and cafes serving up delicious pasta and pizza. Whether you're an avid traveler or a curious armchair tourist, the Ponte delle Guglie webcam is a must-see for anyone who wants to experience the magic of Venice.

<b>Ponte delle Guglie Bridge over the Cannaregio Canal</b>