Webcam Polar bears in Wapusk National Park, Canada

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Live webcam Polar bears in Wapusk National Park watch in real time on the site. This webcam is located in the country: Canada. Official site:

The "Polar Bears in Wapusk National Park" webcam offers a live and real-time broadcast of these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Through this online webcam, you can witness the beauty and power of polar bears as they roam through the stunning wilderness of Wapusk National Park in northern Manitoba, Canada.

Wapusk National Park covers over 11,475 square kilometers and is known for its abundant wildlife, including polar bears, Arctic foxes, caribou, wolves, and a diverse birdlife. Cape Churchill, located within the park, is a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts and is considered one of the best places in the world to observe polar bears in their natural habitat.

To get to Wapusk National Park, visitors can fly to Thompson Airport (YTH). And then take a scenic drive to Manitoba. There are several tour companies that offer excursions to the park, including tundra buggy tours that allow visitors to get up close and personal with the polar bears.

<b>Polar bears in Wapusk National Park</b>