Webcam The central beach of Gelendzhik, Russia

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Live webcam The central beach of Gelendzhik watch in real time on the site. This webcam is located in the country: Russia. Official site:

The central beach, which can be seen during the broadcast from this webcam, is the most visited in the resort city of Gelendzhik. The length of the central beach is 1.5 kilometers. The width of the beach is on average 30 meters. The narrowest part of the central beach is located near Ostrovsky Street 1, and the widest between Grinchenko and Griboyedov Streets. The central beach is very popular during the summer holiday season and it is always crowded there. In summer, due to the high demand, it is better to rent deck chairs in the morning (an additional fee is charged for the use of a chaise longue). The beach is separated by a sea station with sea and boat berths. On the beach there are attractions, showers, changing rooms, toilets and equipment rental. There is a lot of entertainment for children and adults on the beach. The central beach connects to the Gelendzhik embankment and it is very easy to find it. To see the weather and the situation on the central beach of Gelendzhik - you can watch a live broadcast from this webcam.

<b>The central beach of Gelendzhik</b>