Webcam Bird Osprey Nest, Captiva Island - Florida, United States

About this webcam

Live webcam Bird Osprey Nest, Captiva Island - Florida watch in real time on the site. This webcam is located in the country: United States. Broadcast is carried out with sound.

Live webcam shows the nest of the Osprey bird, located on the island of Captiva. The camera is installed at an altitude above sea level. The osprey is a large bird of prey that loves to eat live fish. While hunting, the bird can dive to a depth of 1.5 meters. Ospreys are listed in the Red Book.

Near the nest is the famous Dean Darling National Wildlife Refuge. More than 245 different species of birds live in the reserve. Captiva Island is known for its beautiful nature, beautiful white sandy beaches. In order to get to Captiva North Island, you need to fly to Fort Myers Airport. Then take a taxi to Sanibel Island. Further through the Blind Pass Bridge you can get to Captiva Island.

<b>Bird Osprey Nest, Captiva Island - Florida</b>